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Commercial Art







Commercial Art Technology 1

8718010                                  (9-11)

This is an introductory course designed to prepare students for careers as commercial artists in the fields of illustration, design, and related fields. Students will learn about the elements of art and design, as well as, how to draw, how to arrange compositions, and how to use various traditional media. Students will explore processes, skills, and techniques related to the careers of illustration, concept development, fashion design, and graphic design.


Commercial Art Technology 2             

8718020                                  (10-12)

This course is designed to provide instruction in Adobe Photoshop in relation to commercial art fields. Students will create product labels and packaging, business cards, clothing and textile designs, logo designs, advertising designs, and magazine illustrations. Students will also learn about typography and print design. This course is designed to teach students to meet the needs of the professional world and create marketable products. This course will prepare students for the technology demands within the commercial art industry. This program will give you the tools and experience to pass the Adobe Photoshop Certification Exam. (Certified Associate in Adobe Photoshop) Prerequisite: Commercial Art Technology 1. Teacher approval required.


Commercial Art Technology 3


8718030                                  (11-12)

This is an intermediate course which builds upon the skills, techniques, and processes taught in Commercial Art 1 and 2. Students will learn how to draw in one- and two-point perspective and draw human and animal anatomy. Students will create comic book illustrations, children’s book illustrations, character designs, environment designs, and creature designs. This course has a focus on preparing students for the skills required in illustration, concept development and animation fields. Students will begin to develop a portfolio of commercial artwork. Prerequisite: Commercial Art Technology 2. Teacher approval required.

Featured Student Artists


Jayna Cumberland 10th

"I like using the Wacom tablets and having creative freedom to draw whatever I want!"


Kenneth Torrez

"Reality is art. Without art there would be no reality. I'm working on a Christian comic book currently!"


Mia Gonzalez
9th Grade

"I love drawing, because I love enjoying the finished product! Its a great way to keep myself occupied."

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